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How do I save a video to my Desktop?
To save the file to your computer, first start by determining whether you need to download the mp4 or wmv file.

If you need the mp4 file, click the underlined text to start the process. One of two things will happen:

A. This will open the video automatically in the middle of your screen.
To download the video, you will need to hover your mouse over the video playing screen and this should prompt a bar at the footer to appear. In the far right corner, you should see a downward arrow. Click this to start the download process. To view or download additional videos from the site, click the back arrow in your browser.

B. You will be prompted with an open or save video notification at the bottom of your browser. Choose Save.

If you need the wmv file, you can simply click the text, “Download wmv file” for the video you need and it will begin the process.

How do I save a video to my tablet?
To save a video to your tablet you must first install a third-party app that supports local videos. We recommend Google Drive*. You could use Dropbox (it will cost money to keep offline content & has smaller storage limitation) or other video app on tablet.

*Google Drive Solution:
Install Google Drive on tablet. Use Computer
1. Download video locally (see save video to Desktop).
2. Log into Google Drive an upload mp4 to Google Drive.
3. Open Google Drive on Tablet to access recently added video.
4. Go to video and change Keep offline setting from default of ‘No’ to ‘Yes’.

How do I get my videos to play in the order I want?
This can be done using playlist in VLC Media player* or Windows Media Player.

*Recommend using VLC Media player and having all desired videos in a unique folder.

Open VLC Media Player and click playlist on left hand side. From here you can drag the videos into the playlist. The order can be adjusted by dragging them up and down the list to save their order. When you have the videos in the order that you like, right click Save Playlist to File. 

An alternative method for playing the videos in a set order is to rename each video with a number at the beginning (i.e. 100_tractors.mp4, 200_combines.mp4) Once you have named the videos in the correct order, add entire folder or drag all videos into VLC Media Player.

Note: You can right click and choose “sort by” option inside of the playlist video list.

If you have further questions or need further assistance please call Brian Burns at 515.557.2073.